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You will never have to regift again! Let everyone know exactly what you want for your birthday, wedding or holiday gift giving! Sign up for the Inance Wishlist today and personally handpick all of your favorite items and spread the word when it is gift time.  

Remember all the times you have had to pretend you liked what a loved one has given you? You have to put on that fake smile when you receive a gift that you don't really like and it just makes the entire moment awkward and you both feel bad?  Especially during the holiday shopping shopping season when you receive a Christmas gift that is not even close to what you expected. iIt alway shows on your face no matter how fake nice you try to act.

End the awkwardness and simply choose exactly what you want. It makes the entire gift giving process easier for the giver and receiver. Simply share your wish list with your friends, coworkers and loved ones on your social media and they will know exactly what to give you to make you happy! People naturally love to gift give and it makes then feel good to now that they choose the perfect fashion or beauty item for you.

This wish list is perfect for bridal parties and bachelorette parties to choose our handmade lingerie pieces for the bride to be as well. 

Its simple and fun to fill out and only takes a few minutes. 

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