How Wearing Lingerie In Public Can Tie You to Celebrities and Make You Famous

Trendsetters. Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Ariana Grande. Being some of the most current well-known celebrities is one thing the celebrities have in common, but wearing lingerie in public as their clothing is a similarity too. In fact, even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have proven numerous times that a see through bodysuit (Yes even worn with sweatpants) or a long corset with a skirt can be the ultimate eye catcher. And let’s Not forget Madonna and Lady Gaga. They are known to take lingerie fashion to its maximum capacity.

So lingerie is no longer just for the bedroom. Wearing one of our Inance one piece handmade one pieces is just the eye catcher you need. We also have many different bra and bralette options to wear underneath your clothes for a see through sexy vibe or a perfect peek of what’s underneath! Bralettes give you that “subtle sexy” look for daytime, nighttime and really anytime you want to be the center of attention! Celebs get so much attention for wearing undergarments as main statement pieces to their outfits and now with Inance Lingerie you can too!  Did we mention that Inance pieces are handmade in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills? You can be the hottest trend setter of your friends, shine anywhere on social media and score the attention from anyone in the room! Chrissy Teigen and Ariana Grande know how to rock the bralette and so will you!

Our personal stylists here at Inance are always watching these trends and are ready to help take your style to the next level. Stop in for a fitting and styling today or visit our collection online at



Date 7/10/2020

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