As Retail Stores are closing, New Brand, Inance Women's Clothing Stores are Profitable

Daily, we are hearing and reading that the biggest brand names in retail are closing their stores or filing for bankruptcy. Especially in the women's clothing category.

Wet seal is closing all of their stores, Limited and American Apparel are filing for bankruptcy. CVS, Macys, BCBG & Sears are closing stores and even online retailers such as Nasty Gal have filed for bankruptcy.

So what's the problem with retail in 2017? There does not seem to be one, if you ask the creator of Inance Brands, Tonia Ryan, who currently has retail stores in South Florida. Her boutiques are located in one of the most prestigious malls in the country, the Boca Town Center Mall in Boca Raton Florida and East Pompano Beach. So what's her secret?

"We are a fresh, fun, new and exciting brand! I bootstrap everything I do. Anything that I can personally do myself, I do it! I built my entire ecommerce website myself. I do all the buying, social media, internet channels, marketing & advertising, I do all of it myself. I do not hire people to do this and create unnecessary overhead when its not needed. I think some people have forgot how to "work hard". The days of just sitting there and waiting for customers to "walk into your store" and "spend like crazy" are over. You have to be innovative and create a new experience for the customer. Being our own brand, we have a very diverse selection of categories and products to choose from. I do not want my customers to walk in our store and be bored or not have a large variety to choose from. We have our own brand of handmade lingerie and bikinis, every dress style you can think of, casual wear, party and prom dresses, denim and t-shirts, jewelry, handbags, our own fragrance, natural skincare and chemical free nail polish. We even have a selfie machine in our Boca Town Center Mall location where customers can share their store experience on social media! I want my customers to have a great time in my stores and leave feeling beautiful", said Tonia Ryan, the Creator of Inance Brands.

It was reported that Upscale retailers like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue have all had trouble this year getting people to come to their department stores. "When it comes to overspending, I think all the big budgets that these department stores are used to, it's just too much. There's so much overhead and rent costs, its just too expensive for them to maintain. I am someone who is used to working 80 hours a week or more and doing whatever it takes to make my businesses successful. I walk into some of these stores and see their employees standing around waiting to help customers that are not there. I think to myself, I can think of a thousand things you guys could be doing right now to help increase your sales and drive traffic, yet they just stand there and wait for customers.", said Ryan.

Inance Brands marketing is very smart. They work with many A-list celebrity influencers who wear the Inance Brand clothing or use Inance skincare items and post it on their social media. This helps drive brand awareness and the celebrity influence with their social media followers. They also create rich media content and youtube videos that focus directly on the high quality of the Inance brands products. Ryan even took the initiative to model the Inance handmade bikini line herself for the brands youtube video which has over 60 thousand views so far.

The entire Inance brand and skincare line is all made in the USA. It is high quality at affordable prices. The Smazy by Inance is their young contemporary line that carries a few imports but has a lower price point for those still looking for quality clothing at low prices.

Tonia Ryan said, "At Inance, our culture is "Get Ready to Fall In Love." Our customers fall in love with us and we fall in love with them!"
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