The Only Maxi Dresses You'll Ever Need

What’s the best article of clothing to wear to any occasion? Some may argue that it’s their favorite pair of jeans or a go to top. However, us in South Florida know that jeans are too warm and a favorite top can only show up in so many facebook photos before it starts to look like it’s literally the ONLY shirt you own. So what’s the real answer? Maxi Dresses. A woman in a maxi dress is absolutely unstoppable. You can dress them up, dress them down take it to the beach, on a first date or even your friend’s baby shower! The possibilities are endless and here at Inance we have tons of styles, lengths and patterns to fulfill your maxi dress dreams. Our dresses range in budget like they do in color. We have something for everyone!  Here are 10 of our most popular dresses that our clients can’t get enough of!

1. (Available at our Boca Raton Store) This dress is an all time client favorite. Many of our ladies who take their boats (or Yachts) to dinner love this because of the slightly thicker fabric and long sleeves to keep them warm when the sun goes down. This dress features a long flowy bottom and a navy/pink combo baroque pattern. 

2. (Thicker strap all body type dress) This dress features a unique design that you will only find at Inance. The dress features a medium sized tank top strap with long, soft breathable fabric. This style of dress can be worn by anyone of any size. The dress can only compliment your body while ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. 

3. (Brown and black bottom stripe dress) This is part of our “Signature Collection” at Inance. We carry this in 5 different color combinations and the material is the softest fabric that you’ll ever own. This dress features very thick straps and an ankle length bottom. You can wear it with flat bottomed shoes or take it to the next level with heels.

4. (Paisley perfection) This dress is part of our Summer 2017 collection. The material is incredibly light and flowy making it perfect for a beach getaway. This dress comes in 4 different color combinations so you can find the one that best matches your personality. These spaghetti straps criss cross in the back and lay on your shoulders for maximum style and comfort. In florida, you know that keeping cool is #1 especially in the Summer. This dress is going to be your next go to!

5. (Glitter anchor) Speaking of vacations...What better way to step on your cruise in style than this dress? Here we have thick tank top straps and a long bottom to the tops of the feet. The glitter anchor is whimsical but still glamorous. Grab the champagne ladies because you and this dress are in for a great trip!

6. (Pink and blue tie dye) This dress is part of our Summer 2017 collection. This dress features a top “extra” layer over the chest to add a slimming effect to the rest of the body. The straps are very small and dainty adding more emphasis to the slimming effect of the dress. The light pink is one of our best sellers mostly because everyone looks great in this color! The blue tye dye adds a unique look to the dress.  

7. (Black halter dress. 3 colors) Another classic! This Inance halter dress comes in three colors and features a slight “high low”. The dress is made from a soft but light material so you can feel free to move around while looking stylish. This dress features a more straight line shape that has a slight 1-2 inch train depending on your height. The dress is a must have staple in anyone’s closet for any occasion. And in three colors? Why get just one?

8. (Available at our Boca Raton Store) The “Hayley” maxi dress features a long bottom with a unique top. The cut of the dress is a mid level so it a sexy but still classy look. This dress is sleeveless with a tie below the bust. The dress comes in a luxury tan or a royal purple color. 

9. (Black and blue tie dye dress) This dress is part of our Summer 2017 line. You will not find this pattern anywhere else but Inance. The dress is a halter style so it’s completely sleeveless and high neck as well. The cut of the dress goes to your ankle while providing excess fabric on the sides to combine comfort with style. This dress comes in two colors of royal blue and rustic grey.

10. (Strapless floral maxi) To round out our top ten, here we have our strapless floral maxi gown. All eyes will be on you in this dress! The bright colors can make anyone feel like a star and the material is a light chiffon. This material keeps you cool under the bright florida sun but also stylish with the pattern and loose cut. The dress can go with you to a romantic getaway to Hawaii or a party at the country club.

Inance is your number one resource for amazing and affordable maxi dresses! Stop in today at our Pompano Beach or Boca Raton location, near Fort Lauderdale and Miami, to have one of our personal stylists help you pick out your dream set of dresses. 

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