Yes, believe it or not, that is Mama June! 

After loosing over 300 pounds Mama June is looking amazing and unrecognizable. June arrived at the Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta premiere in a long red maxi dress from my Inance collection.

I am so proud of June's unbelievable transformation. Imagine all of the work she had to do to get to her goal weight of 137lbs and wearing a size 4. The Inance dress that she is wearing is a size small and I was amazed that she fit into it after her weight loss journey.

As Mama June's personal stylist and her friend, I know how much work she had to put in to get to her dream goal weight. Being a celebrity stylist can be very challenging but no stylist can tell me they ever had a more challenging job then mine. The entire world was watching and ready to see her reveal. 
(I will elaborate more about this in the future).

Some critics say that it was easy for her because she had weight loss surgery but that could not be further from the truth. Surgery is not easy! It is very painful and is mentally and physically exhausting. Especially the gastric sleeve and skin removal surgeries. If you watched the reality TV show "From Not to Hot" on the WE Network you can see the entire process including the surgeries. There was nothing "easy" about what she went through.

June had to learn how to change everything that she normally does on a daily basis. From her everyday diet, incorporating daily workouts and having a full blown lifestyle change. Imagine how hard all of that had to be when we are all naturally creatures of habit? It was not easy and impossible for most people.

Everyone has insecurities about their bodies even if other people look at us and think we are a perfect 10. Even supermodels get insecure about how they look. I have heard Victoria's Secret models freaking out that they don't think they look good enough days before the annual Christmas fashion show. If they can be insecure about their looks, anyone can. 

That's why I am so proud of my friend June Shannon and her weight loss accomplishment. She says she always felt beautiful and now her outside matches how she always felt she looked anyway on the inside. 

I admire her confidence and we could all learn a little from her. Whether you are a fan of hers or not, you have to give her credit for doing the hard work she did to transform herself with the entire world watching and critiquing her every move. That's not "easy" either.

No matter what body type you are, trying to keep weight off is a daily struggle and only gets harder as we get older "for all of us". So I say BOO to the haters and internet trolls who say stupid comments. WE all should try to be our personal best and focus on the positive! Like it or not, Mama June is Hot!

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