Hi Friends! Its Tonia From Inance. I made this video so I could show you the greatest handmade bikinis you have ever seen from our new Inance Bikini Collection. They are such high quality and I chose all of the fabrics myself. Our manufacturing partner has created bikinis, costumes and lingerie for all of Hollywood A-List celebrities for the past 40 years. We created a partnership with them and now we are bringing you the latest in design and style with the most amazing fabrics ever. I designed and chose the fabric for each piece. Each bikini is handmade in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles and the details are incredible and very high quality. You will be stand out and be noticed at any pool, beach or yacht party showing off your curves in these amazing pieces.

To view each style feel free to click our link below. Our new store in Pompano Beach, FL will be opening in September, 2016 and our Grand Opening Party will be on October 7, 2016 hosted by Teresa Guidice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Visit us at www.Inance.com for more info! Thank you for watching  and like & subscribe today!


The new Inance Women's Clothing Boutique is minutes from Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale and not too far from Palm Beach and Miami. We are in the heart of East pompano Beach Florida on US1/Federal Hwy just north of McNab on the east side of the street. 

WE specialize in bikinis, women's contemporary clothing, handmade exquisite lingerie, skin care, nail polish, dresses, maxi dresses, prom dresses and more!
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