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The Inance brand is constantly revolutionizing the way you look. Whether you are trying to find the perfect prom gown, or you are in need of a gown for a more formal occasion, rest assured that Inance has a variety of different styles that are ideal for any special occasion.

There opportunity to wear a gorgeous formal gown is not something that happens every day, which is why this type of gown needs to be memorable, timeless, and simply beautiful. When women choose the Inance brand for their gown needs, they can be confident that they will find something that resembles the graceful and glamorous diva that they are on the inside. More than that, Inance has everything you need to fully accessorize your gown. We make your final look that much more impactful.

A special occasion, such as a formal prom or homecoming, can be difficult to shop for when you are unsure where to start. Luckily, when you shop prom gowns at Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique, you can feel certain that you are supplied with designer looks, fabulous high quality materials, and the tools needed to walk into a room and command the attention of others. The Inance brand of gowns has a number of different styles, all of which can be accessorized fashionably.

The A-line Gown

The A-line gown is a traditional and timeless look that has accompanied women to countless special occasions. When a woman chooses to wear an A-line formal gown, she is selecting a more classic look, which is why her accessories should match her choice. An A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline is going to look amazing with a dramatic pair of earrings but doesn’t always call for a necklace, while an A-line gown with sleeves or busier busts can benefit from being paired with a pair of diamond studded earrings and an elegant necklace. Women can accompany their prom gown with a number of handbag choices. However, due to the extravagance of such a gown, choosing a superb yet simple clutch can have the stunning look every girl wants to achieve.

The Modified A-Line Gown

The Modified A-Line gown is a look that is ideal for a number of different body types, which is why it is a common best-seller amongst young women on prom night. The Modified A-Line gown is the element of class which makes accessorizing it adequately a must. This formal gown is typically made to come in snuggly around the hips and abdominal region, only to start flaring out into an A-shape all the way down to the hem. One of the biggest differences between the Modified A-Line gown and the A-Line gown is that its skirt is not as flowy and hugs the body a bit more closely.

Are you in love with the Modified A-Line gown but not sure on how to accessorize such a fabulous gown? When accessorizing a prom gown of an A-Line shape, it is important to keep things on the simple side as to not create an overly busy canvas. Women can benefit from wearing simple yet feminine pieces of jewelry, putting their hair in a fabulous up-do, and purchasing an adorable clutch for their homecoming occasion. The great thing about a Modified A-Line gown is that its length reaches the floor, making a woman’s footwear choices entirely up to her.

The Asymmetrical Gown

Want to choose a gown that can set you apart from others during a formal event? Then the Asymmetrical gown might just be the fashion statement you’ve been searching for. Asymmetrical prom gowns are hemmed differently than other gowns as their hemline falls in different lengths. Wearing a gown that shows off your legs makes choosing the perfect pair of shoes a must. Women wearing an Asymmetrical gown can benefit from wearing gorgeous open-toed shoes or high heeled pumps. Since many Asymmetrical gowns come in a one-shoulder variety, opting against a large and chunky necklace is preferable. Instead, women can pair this look up with dazzling earrings, wrist bangles, and a darling baguette clutch.

The Princess Gown

Want to be the center of attention and feel like royalty during your next formal event? Then the Princess gown is the dress you are meant to be wearing. What sets this formal gown apart from others is its classic yet amplified look. The bust of a Princess gown is usually tightly fitted to accentuate the waist only to puff outwards dramatically. In fact, this is a gown with a lot of fabric, as the skirt of the gown is made to be exaggerated and beautiful. To achieve the princess look, women wearing the Princess gown can put their hair into a gorgeous braid, wear long pendant earrings and a matching necklace. Top off the look with a clutch of the Minaudiere variety!

The Column Gown

The Column gown offers a classic and elegant look unlike any other. The great thing about wearing a Column gown is that it is one of the most versatile styles by means of accessories. Due to its innate look, simple hemline, and becoming silhouette, this prom gown can be worn with a dramatic head piece, a lovely shawl, a bulky and impressive necklace, and a beaded clutch. In addition, women can enjoy exploring their footwear options, as the Column gown’s hemline traditionally ends at ankle length. Open-toed and strappy heels look exceptional with this formal gown.

The Mermaid Gown

Want to shock the guests at your next formal occasion? Well then the Mermaid gown is the dress you have been searching for. The Mermaid gown has very distinctive features, which is why every woman wearing one can feel like the star of the show. This prom gown is ideal for slender and curvy women who enjoy wearing form-hugging gowns, as this is fitted onto the body from the neckline to the knees, only to flare out until it hits ground level. The Mermaid gown can come in a variety of different necklines, which can affect the way it is accessorized. While a strapless look can benefit from a large and ornate diamond necklace, a one-shouldered look can look more appropriate with pendant earrings, a tasteful bracelet, and a gorgeous hair piece.

The Ball Gown

When women think about a traditional ball gown, they may associate the look with certain fairy tales. This is because the Ball gown look is often used by Disney Princesses in a number of classic films. The Ball gown can be categorized by a fitted bodice, which typically starts with a sweetheart neckline, then flares all the way to the floor in a full skirt. This formal gown looks amazing with a number of different body types, and is especially flattering for people of the pear-shaped variety. However, women of a smaller height can become overpowered by such a gown, which is why wearing a pair of high heels is a must for women of the petite variety. Top off the Ball gown look by wearing an exquisitely crafted diamond necklace, a dazzling set of earrings, and a sizeable and fashionable clutch handbag.

The Sheath Gown

Every woman is unique, which is why choosing a gown for a special occasion might take some time. With so many different styles to choose from, women can benefit from knowing their body type and selecting a style that is going to bring out their stunning curves and attractive figures. The Sheath gown is a beautiful prom gown that is often worn by lean frames or those who enjoy showing off their bodacious figures. Since the Sheath gown hugs the body closely and flows downwards from the neckline, adding depth and charisma through accessories is absolutely necessary. Women who choose to wear a Sheath gown can do so with a pair of dangling earrings, a head piece, and a long pendant necklace. However, depending on how high the neckline is, the length of the necklace might require a shorter look.

The Inance Name

The Inance brand has tailored our formal gowns to meet the uniqueness and beauty of our clients. While our gowns are affordably priced, the Inance brand is all about quality, which is why our designer gowns are made from rich and high-quality materials. In order for women to feel and look like the embodiment of luxury and beauty, the Inance brand chooses to work with designers that have fashionable taste and high-standards of fabrication.

Every woman deserves to feel like royalty when attending a formal event or special occasion, which is why our designers continuously invent luxurious gowns with a number of different necklines, hemlines, fabrics, and styles. At Inance, we believe that a woman wearing a prom gown should be instantly noticed when she walks into a room, and so we choose to sell gowns that are both captivating and mesmerizing. While the gown itself is going to catch the attention of others, it is the woman wearing it that it going to radiate with such elegance that her onlookers can have trouble looking away.

Visit Inance In-Store or Online

Feel absolutely radiant in a graceful and drop-dead-gorgeous dress with Inance. Are you looking for the perfect formal gown but don’t know which style to choose from? Why not head to our in-store location and try on a number of different styles? Whether you are looking for a prom gown or you are simply attending a formal occasion, you can feel reassured knowing that Inance has a diverse and qualitative collection of designer gowns tailored around the vision that every woman deserves to exude luxury, style, and grace.

When Inance first started, we were first known for our famous and fabulous skincare line. As our brand grew, we have offered celebrity looks through dressy and casual wear, handmade lingerie and bikinis, and more. Stop by our shop in South Florida for a more personal fitting with our stylist experts.

So browse through our online selection of evening gowns or present yourself to our in-store location and receive experienced help when selecting different gown styles and accessories. We look forward to seeing you radiate with beauty!

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