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Active Wear

At Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique, we believe that women should feel their best at any given time of the day, and that includes the time they spend at the gym.

Owning sportswear that motivates you to go the extra mile while allowing you to stay true to your own personal style is what the Inance brand is all about.

This is why we have designed trendy and supportive active wear for everyday women. Wearing fabu-lous athletic wear helps you find the confidence and determination it takes to reach your goals. The Inance brand was designed to make a woman’s clothing look and feel as remarkable as her true colors. Our original sport tops come in an array of vivacious hues! Whether you are trying to work towards a personal fitness goal or simply live a healthier lifestyle, Inance’s line of distinctive active wear will boost your morale and take you to the finish line. Want to own sportswear that gets you into the right mind set to follow your healthy life choices? Then our collection gives you the extra bounce in your step you have been looking for.

Women who want to reinvent their way of life and add glamor to their everyday clothing choices ben-efit from owning proper athletic wear. All too often, women wear the wrong types of workout clothes to the gym, which can make them feel uncomfortable and unsupported. Wearing oversized clothing during physical activity can cause someone to feel unmotivated, but owning the right type of active wear makes all the difference. At Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique, we know how important a woman’s progress is, which is why we choose to equip you with high quality sportswear.

Wearing a sports bra that is both supportive and sexy gives a woman an extra boost of energy and confidence. Not only are you going to work out for longer intervals of time, you are going to look radi-ant. You will really enjoy seeing yourself in a workout environment! When a woman chooses to adorn herself in high quality materials and fashionable athletic wear, she is telling herself that she can stand out and build up a new version of herself. The Inance brand has been built around selling high quality products to everyday women for affordable prices, making it easy and fun to adapt to the Inance ac-tive wear lifestyle.

Sport Bra Tops

Smazy by Inance Yoga Active Wear Sport Bra Top

At Inance, we believe that staying active goes hand in hand with looking fabulous, which is why we have designed our Yoga Active Wear Sport Bra Top to match the colorful charisma that women hold. This comes in a few different options in terms of color and design, depending on how you like to look. Wear this sports bra while running errands, going for a jog, or while hitting up that spinning class you’ve always wanted to try. Our band sport top is made with bamboo and offers ample support and style.

Smazy by Inance Inspire Beauty Elastic Band Sport Top

This fantastic piece is both sexy and comfortable, allowing those who wear it to work hard and play hard. Unlike other straight cut sport bras, this offers a V-neck cut, making it that much more versatile. Thanks to its V-neck, women can wear their band sport top underneath their working clothes, and head straight to the gym after work. The Inspire Beauty Elastic Band Sport Top has the words, “Work. Sweat.” printed onto the front of its supportive band, which reminds its wearers to stay positive and focused no matter what!

Smazy by Inance Inspire Beauty Elastic Band Sport Top

The Inspire Beauty Elastic Band Sport Top keeps all business in the front and the party in the back. The front of this top is one solid color and has a U-shaped neckline, but the back and sides are patterned, giving it a hippy-chic look. It can be worn solely with a matching set of yoga pants, making it ideal for your next hot yoga class or simply while out on a jog. All in all, this highly rated piece is proof that you can work out and look good at the same time.

Active Wear — Pants

Smazy by Inance Inspire Beauty Sport Active Pants

The Inspire Beauty Sport Active Pants offer a classic yet everyday look, making it a go-to choice when heading to the gym or just lounging about. So now you can “Inspire Beauty” wherever you go! These are easily worn while running on the treadmill or playing tennis with a group of friends. Its versatility, loose-fit feel, and powerful message are what make the Inspire Beauty Sport Active Pants so special, but it is its wearer that make them unique.

Smazy by Inance Inspire Beauty Sport Yoga Active Pants

The Inspire Beauty Sport Yoga Active Pants are a must-have, and this is because they are the ideal eve-ryday yoga pants. Although yoga pants are made for athletic functions, it is common for women to wear them during their daily routines due to how practical they are. The Inspire Beauty Sport Yoga Ac-tive Pants are made with breathable fabric, which helps absorb sweat during intense workouts such as cycling, yoga, Pilates, everyday cardio, and more. Their snug fit, stylish look, and casual appearance are what makes them such a sought-after piece.

Smazy by Inance Yoga Active Wear Sport Capri Pants

The Yoga Active Wear Sport Capri Pants are one of our most colorful pants, which is why they often catch the eye of our clients. Women who enjoy wearing unique and fun active wear can truly be in their element while wearing a fashionable pair of Capri sport pants. These are made from breathable fibers and can be matched with nearly every workout top you own. Whether you are lifting weights at the gym or working on your cardio, the Yoga Active Wear Sport Capri Pants builds up your confidence by adding liveliness and color to your sportswear collection.

Smazy by Inance Make A Statement That’s True Fleece Drawstring Sweat Pants

These are a pair of sweatpants like no other, and this is because of their fashionable approach to mod-ern sportswear. Available in gray or choral, these sweat pants can be worn while running errands, working out, or just lounging about with friends. One of the benefits of owning them is that they offer comfort just like traditional sweatpants, but with a more flattering fit and finish.

Smazy by Inance Striped Pocket Capri Sweat Pants

The Striped Pocket Capri Sweat Pants are adaptable to many different lifestyles, making them a great addition to your wardrobe. Whether you need sweat pants to walk the dog, run errands, sit comforta-bly through class, or hit the gym — the Striped Pocket Capri Sweat Pants have got you covered. Made with stylish taste and soft fabrics, this easily doubles as lounge wear.

Active Wear — Hoodies

Smazy by Inance Inspire Beauty Zip Hoodie

The Inspire Beauty Zip Hoodie is a practical and lovable zip-up hoodie that can be worn to many differ-ent functions. Not only does this hoodie feel cozy, soft, and fashion-forward, it is a great piece to wear on top of Inance’s sexy and colorful sport tops. When heading to the gym, women can throw on their brand new hoodie and not feel unfashionable. It is excellent for jogging, weight training, and a number of other activities.

Smazy by Inance Lace Cardigan Hoodie

Got an outdoor workout planned on a cool summer night? The Inance Lace Cardigan Hoodie adds a flash of style to any light workout you may have planned. The adjustable sleeve lengths allow you to customize your look, and the lace pattern in the back adds an element of texture that is sure to sur-prise and delight. Since it comes in neutral gray and black, it can be matched with most wardrobe items, too. The Inance Lace Cardigan Hoodie is the ultimate piece to take with you as you are headed out the door!

Active Wear — Sport Tops

Smazy by Inance Texting is My Cardio T-Shirt Top

For those who want something that is versatile as it is practical, this sport top can be worn to casual occasions while doubling as the perfect sportswear item. Inance’s Texting is My Cardio T-Shirt Top also looks great with any pair of Inance’s Smazy active wear clothing line, but can also be fashionable when worn with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Wear this new favorite t-shirt to the gym and express yourself while going the extra mile.

Inance French Terry Navy Lounge Pocket Top

The French Terry Navy Lounge Pocket Top comes with a matching set of shorts but can be purchased separately. The cozy feel and off-the-shoulder look make it both a practical and sexy item to add to your sportswear collection. This top can be worn with a pair of Inance’s active wear pants or capris, making for an idealistic gym outfit. It is also fit for outdoor workouts due to the practical front pocket. On top of that, the French Terry Navy Lounge Pocket Top is also a go-to item for loungewear clothing, as it is both comfortable and fashionable.

Choose Inance Active Wear

Most importantly, wearing Inance’s brand of active wear changes the way you feel about hitting the gym. This is because wearing high-quality and well-fitted clothing encourages you to meet your goals while looking your best. Why resort to oversized t-shirts and giant sweat pants when you can put on gorgeous sportswear that you are proud to be seen in? At Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique, we be-lieve that every woman deserves to look as beautiful as she feels, which is why we have tailored our active wear brand to empower the contemporary woman.

Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique is your new supplier of all things beautiful and fashionable. Visit us in store at Boca Raton or East Pompano Beach in South Florida for new dresses, casual wear, hand-made bikinis, sexy lingerie, and fun purses and accessories. Inance first became famous through our skincare line, and celebrity beauty expert Kym Douglas talked about the benefits of Inance Retinol on the Hallmark Channel. You’ve probably also seen us on The Today Show, The Doctors, and Ellen! While we first become known through our Inance Skincare line, we are more than happy to extend our knowledge of fabulous looks to keep you looking and feeling great no matter what.

For more about our line of popular active wear, or for more information about our clothing, dresses, handmade bikinis or lingerie, contact us today. We are just within reach of Fort Lauderdale, so you can shop for new active wear, then go for a run on the beach! You can also shop online for exclusive looks. From skin care to accessories, Inance Women’s Clothing Boutique has got you covered. Contact us toll-free at 1-855-946-2623 or get started on your shopping spree today.

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