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Smazy by Inance Pleated Print Floral Dress - 4 Color Choices

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Still worrying about having nothing to wear to go out in a beautiful spring weather? This Pleated Print Floral Dress from Inance is definitely going to be your best choice. This is a flowy dress made by silk like material, smooth and elegant, this dress will dance around when you walk, just as if you are the princess of the spring. There is not a reason for a girl to dislike this dress. This dress shows off the inner princess of every girl, you will be the perfect girl next door with this dress. Don't you just love the flower so much that you want to wear it on you? This dress intertwined the beauty of the flower perfectly into the style, makes it both high fashionable, and pretty and sweet. The tilted butterfly bow is such a special and feminine design, which suits the neckline and shoulder line perfectly. The slit in the back design is graceful as well. The waist belt and pleated design is also a trendy design to fit your body line and brings out the cute girly vibe that you have. You are never too old to own a dress like that! The ivory dress is perfect for the flower blossom seasons, the floral print on it are so aesthetic and realistic that it will match with flowers perfectly, wear this and get a selfie next to the cherry blossoms, and you will get instant likes from the social media. The navy is such a classic floral dress color and fits into the sweet spring atmosphere perfectly, also good for work attire. The yellow and coral color are both gorgeous with east Asian element. 


Fabric Content: 100% POLYESTER

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