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Smazy by Inance Button Down Wrap Dress

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This dress is a perfect dress for you if you are spontaneous, careless and just want to have fun once in a while. This button down wrap dress is for anyone who wants a sharp and fashion look, but not too excessive. This is a look that is suitable for both business and private lives. The sleeves buckles and the strips designs are all currently in trend now. The shirt dress style is also very popular recently. This is the "I'm not trying to be fashionable, but wait, I am" style. This dress has a European feel to it, and it is suitable for all kinds of women, from a stay at home mom, to business women, to college girls, to fashionable teens. This is comfortable and trendy, a nice choice for any events. Boots and leather accessories are good accommodates. 


Made in the USA
Fabric Content: 100% RAYON
Model is wearing size Small: L: 35 B: 36 W: 38

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